The Lymphatic Brush Combo

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Vendor : Darcase

Product Type : Facial Skin Care

Sku : CJB-TLB-Combo

The Lymphatic Bush | Face & Body

The Lymphatic Brush is not a dry brush, a make-up brush, or a cleansing brush. It is specifically designed to provide an easy, ergonomic, and effective way to incorporate lymphatic drainage into your professional and self-care routine.


CJB Patented Design

The patented design features a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grips the skin in a precise way, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin. When combined with specialized techniques, it mimics the passive contractions of the lymph vessels to manually propel fluids and stimulate lymph flow.

The ergonomic contoured shape ensures proper contact with the surface of the skin and accurate alignment with the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.

Although they appear the same, the face and body brush bristles differ slightly to provide appropriate pressure from head to toe. The bristles are soft but durable. They won’t scratch, irritate, or damage sensitive and fragile skin types.


Modern x Sustainable Approach

The Lymphatic Brush is part of a conscious consumer choice that focuses on a minimalistic approach to skincare that prioritizes our internal health. It supports the science of the skin and natural filtration system of our body to “clear the clutter,” and help your skin and body to work better for you.

By focusing on our internal health and improving the function of our skin from within, we’re able to maximize the effectiveness of the products we use and reduce our dependency on complicated skincare routines and costly programs that often don’t work.



Use caution and alter treatment if you have,

  • Bronchitis: Don’t use directly over the sternum
  • Menstruation: Can make period heavier
  • Nevus (Raised Mole): Workaround
  • Low Blood Pressure: Be careful of over-use, do shorter sessions
  • Hyperactive Thyroid: Do not work on the thyroid directly


Do not use it if you have,

  • Active cancer
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Acute infection or inflammation