Hydration Ritual

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The treatment in a few words...

This protocol fills the epidermis with water to reveal vibrant, supple, re-plumped skin.

What makes it so special?

A slow, delicate, and singularly relaxing massage that targets the lymphatic system to improve fluid flow. The protocol is built on H2O BOOST, exclusively reserved for beauty professionals.

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The Swiss inspiration behind the name

The name of this treatment comes from observing irrigation channels known as “bisses,” which are used by the highlanders of the Valais region of Switzerland. For the Hydration of the Bisses treatment, Valmont has repurposed this ancestral water management tradition to treat the skin.

Proven effectiveness

Moisture rate as measured after just one treatment: +83.1% Results of corneometric measurement on a panel of 20 women with a mean age of 45.7 ten minutes after conclusion of the treatment. Hydration ritual - Hydration of the Bisses The treatment in detail

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The first 15 minutes...

It all starts with a luxurious warm-up performed with Valmont’s unique method. This phase cleanses the face, transforming it into a blank canvas ready to soak up the benefits of the treatment. At the same time, it stimulates all the skin’s structures to prepare the metamorphosis to come.

To begin, makeup is removed from the eyes and lips with BI-FALLS, followed by ICY FALLS cool jelly to rid the complexion of any trace of pigments. To gently free the epidermis of dead cells that obstruct the surface, a FACE EXFOLIANT scrub joins with the emollient action of MOISTURIZING WITH A MASK. The final cleansing transports the client into an effervescent cloudscape with BUBBLE FALLS, followed by application of VITAL FALLS to re-balance the pH and, last but not least, PRIMARY VEIL to strengthen the skin’s microbiome. Baby-soft skin guaranteed!

The next 40 minutes...

This is where the experience unveils all its technical excellence. The Hydration of the Bisses treatment is a precise massage focused on the lymphatic system. In deference to the fragile nature of this network, the massage is always performed with slow and gentle care. The main movements include slow pressure, circular pressure and smoothing motions along the lymphatic circuit and draining towards the lymph nodes. Each gesture is performed with millimetric precision thanks to the H2O BOOST concentrate. This ultra-potent massage serum propels its mixture of triple DNA, hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin. To ensure long-lasting results, the iconic REGENERATING MASK TREATMENT collagen veil releases its magical essence while the beautician massages the shoulders with supremely relaxing strokes. The pinnacle of skin transformation!

The final 5 minutes...

To round out this cutting-edge program, a targeted succession of products steeps the skin in moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. Hydrating foundation, serum, cream, therapeutic care for the neck and the area around the eyes, and the list goes on... absolutely nothing is left to chance. The beautician concludes with a hand massage in a sumptuous au revoir that extends all the way to the fingertips.